False motivation is better than no motivation.

I have been blessed to have already written software in several industries using different technologies.

While working for a government contractor, I had the opportunity to write analytics software that is used by the CIA, NCIS, NSA and FBI. This project was written primarily with Java and Apache Solr.

Working in the financial services space afforded me the opportunity to work with Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and MySQL in a Linux environment. This project was particularly cool for serveral reasons. First, I really enjoyed working with Rails and MongoDB. Second, the project was extremely fast paced. Third, leadership allowed me to design, explore and implement all types of features and projects while allowing me to take full ownership of the task. And finally, the team was awesome!

When working in the medical space, I went back to .NET and picked up skills in Lua. We also have a number of new projects that have given me the opportunity to learn a number of new skills and concepts that touch everything from infrastructure, big data and security.

Now back working with Vendor Registry, I've gained the experience working in a full stack .NET environment that includes Azure. Developing with Elasticsearch also allowed me to gain experice setting up a Linux server in Azure and become the point person on my team. This project afforded me the opportunity to learn how to secure a Linux machine, Elasticsearch instance / clusters and expand on my Azure knowledge and skillsets. Vendor Registry is an awesome family to be a part of.

I am extremely fortunate that every team that I have been on has been stacked with smart, helpful and cool folks!